SensorCam CCTV 4 Camera Kit  ( Special offer )

SensorCam CCTV 4 Camera Kit ( Special offer )

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4 Camera CCTV Surveillance System. Multi channel DVR (high quality H.264) for better picture quality and less memory Triplex operation, simultaneous playback/record/network USB 2.0GB port for back up (supports Windows Media player) On screen graphics for ease of use.
Specifications H.264b Realtime Triplex 500gb DVR 4 channel simultaneous playback Graphical interface USB mouse control Mobile phone & Email alert Network file share function Dual coding stream function Windows Media player backup
4 x Sony Day/Night 1/3" Cameras
4 x Camera Brackets 4 x 20m BNC/Power Cables
1 x 500GB 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
1 x Mouse
1 x 4 Way Splitter